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Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Stratford, ON - Anxiety-Free Dental Experience

For advanced procedures like wisdom teeth extraction, or even simple cleanings, not everyone is comfortable in the dental chair. At River Dental, we offer sedation options in Stratford in order to emphasize patient comfort and provide a positive experience. Our staff is compassionate to patient needs, and cater each treatment plan with personal attention. We provide nitrous oral conscious sedation for patients with dental anxiety. Be at ease when you receive necessary dental care. Contact us today to schedule your next visit! 

Helping Patients Receive Dental Care

Dr. Amit Chaudhry and the team at River Dental understand how difficult it can be for some to see the dentist. Whether you have sensitive teeth or find yourself anxious in the dental chair, we offer sedation options to ensure you feel comfortable throughout treatment. In order for you to make informed decisions about your dental care and to ease any concerns you may have, our Stratford dentists explains treatment in detail, answering any questions you may have. 

Oral Conscious Sedation during Treatments

To improve patient comfort during a variety of treatments, we provide oral conscious sedation and nitrous sedation. For extensive procedures, such as wisdom teeth extraction, we offer patients IV sedation. With a variety of options available, we can tailor your appointment around your treatment and your comfort level.

The benefits of sedation dentistry:

- Relaxed physical state
- Control the choice of sedation option
- Enhanced comfort
- May not recall procedure, but is coherent during treatment

Our Stratford dentists and staff are dedicated to providing compassionate, friendly chairside manner. Before your procedure, we go over sedation options, which will best fit your treatment.

Post Sedation Care

Oral sedation is taken an hour before you come in for your procedure and doesn’t require a loved one to bring you to and from the practice. Unlike oral sedation, which is taken via pill form, nitrous oxide is an inhaled sedative --- as it is also known as laughing gas. Patients may find themselves woozy but coherent during treatment and are able to drive themselves to and from the practice. 

In case of procedures like wisdom teeth extraction, sedatives are administered intravenously, and patients express they’re in a twilight sleep, but are able to respond to verbal commands.  IV sedation requires someone to bring you to and from your appointment and is recommended to stay with you for the remainder of the day. 

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River Dental care provides sedation options for patients in Stratford, ON. Contact our practice today if you have further questions on sedation or if would like to add sedation to your next appointment.



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